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Transferring Data between Dedicated SQL and Spark Pools in Synapse

Sidney Cirqueria shows off a connector available to us in Azure Synapse Analytics:

Usually, customers do this kind of operation using Synapse Apache Spark to load data to Dedicated Pool within Azure Synapse Workspace, but today, I would like to reproduce a different scenario that I was working on one of my support cases.  Consider a scenario where you are trying to load data from Synapse Spark to Dedicated pool (formerly SQL DW) using Synapse Pipelines, and additionally you are using Synapse Workspace deployed with Managed Virtual Network.

The intention of this guide is to help you with which configuration will be required if you need to load data from Azure Synapse Apache Spark to Dedicated SQL Pool (formerly SQL DW). If you prefer take advantage of the new feature-rich capabilities now available via the Synapse workspace and Studio and load data directly from Azure Apache Spark to Dedicated Pool in Azure Synapse Workspace is recommended that you enable Synapse workspace features on an existing dedicated SQL pool (formerly SQL DW).

Read on for a few tips a nd a step-by-step walkthrough of the process.