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Azure SQL DB GP Compute Optimized Performance Comp

Reitse Eskens continues a series on comparing the performance of different Azure SQL DB tiers:

The compute optimized tier starts at 8 cores as a minimum and goes up to 72.
The maximum storage starts at 1 TB and  goes up to 4 TB. The number of TempDB files is undisclosed but the size starts at 37 GB and goes up to 333 GB. A huge difference with the regular provisioned one! The disk limitations are disclosed as well. Log rate starts at 36 Mbps and maxing out at 50. The same goes for the data; starting at 2560 iops and maxing out at 12.800. One iop (or Input Output oPeration) is connected to the disk cluster size. As these are 4 kb, reading or writing one data page (8Kb) equals two iops. 2560 Iops equals something of 10 MB per second. The top end goes to about 50 MB per second. Keep this in mind when you’re working out which tier you need, because usually disk performance can be essential.

Read on to see how it performs on Reitse’s standardized test workload.