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Designing Event Streams for Kafka

Dave Shook announces a new course:

Properly designing your events and event streams is essential for any event-driven architecture. Precisely how you design and implement them will significantly affect not only what you can do today, but what you can do tomorrow. For such a critical part of any data infrastructure, most event streaming tutorials gloss over event design.

In the new course on Confluent Developer, events and event streams are put front and center. We’re going to look at the dimensions of event and event stream design and how to apply them to real-world problems. But dimensions and theory are nothing without best practices, so we are also going to take a look at these to help keep you clear of pitfalls and set you up for success. This course also includes hands-on exercises, during which you will work through use cases related to the different dimensions of event design and event streaming.

Click through to learn more about what’s in the course and to check it out–it is free, after all.