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Careful Batching

Michael J. Swart follows up on an older post:

When I wrote Take Care When Scripting Batches, I wanted to guard against a common pitfall when implementing a batching solution (n-squared performance). I suggested a way to be careful. But I knew that my solution was not going to be universally applicable to everyone else’s situation. So I wrote that post with a focus on how to evaluate candidate solutions.

But we developers love recipes for problem solving. I wish it was the case that for whatever kind of problem you got, you just stick the right formula in and problem solved. But unfortunately everyone’s situation is different and the majority of questions I get are of the form “What about my situation?” I’m afraid that without extra details, the best advice remains to do the work to set up the tests and find out for yourself.

Definitely read the original article first. My normal approach is the naive + index method, so I’ll have to try out Michael’s method as well next time I need to delete a chunk of records.