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Working with CROSS APPLY

Paul Randal takes us through one of my favorite operators:

Introduced by Microsoft in SQL Server 2005, SQL CROSS APPLY allows values to be passed from a table or view into a user-defined function or subquery. This tutorial will cover the incredibly useful and flexible APPLY operator, such as how the CROSS APPLY and OUTER APPLY operators work, how they’re like the INNER and LEFT OUTER JOIN, and give you some examples of both. All the examples use the AdventureWorks example database.

Later in the article, I’ll also discuss a highly pervasive SQL Server performance problem—one I still encounter with customers on a weekly basis. This problem is related to using the APPLY operator against a specific type of user-defined function. It’s so problematic and can overwhelm tempdb, bringing your SQL Server instance to a crawl!

If you’re not too familiar with APPLY in its two forms, read the whole thing.