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PolyBase in SQL Server 2022: Cosmos DB via MongoDB API

I have gotten back on the data virtualization wagon:

Back in the 2019 days, I noted a problem when CU2 of SQL Server 2019 came out. This is because the Cosmos DB collection I was using reported a wire version of 2 rather than the minimum version of 3. The official fix at that time was to create a new collection using the then-latest version of 3.6 but that didn’t work for me. My workaround was to use the old MongoDB drivers that shipped with SQL Server 2019 RTM.

Well, as of 2022, that solution won’t work anymore. The original MongoDB drivers don’t ship with SQL Server 2022, so we can’t use that workaround. I had a Cosmos DB account that was originally built on version 3.6. Even after upgrading to server version 4.2, it still reported wire version 2 when I connected to the endpoint that was relevant 3 years ago. Therein lies the solution to the problem.

It turns out there are two viable solutions now and I show both of them.