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Power Automate and Dataset-Driven Power BI Subscriptions

Dan English follows up on a prior topic:

In the last post I went over using Power Automate to perform a data driven report subscription using a Paginated report referencing an AAS database. The flow referenced an Excel file with the information to make the process data driven and generate 2000 PDF files that could then be emailed to users. In the flow the PDF files were simply placed in a OneDrive folder for testing purposes to validate the flow would run as expected and to review the metrics after the fact to evaluate the impact of running the process.

For the follow up there were two items that I wanted to compare against the original flow

1. Moving the AAS database being referenced to a Power BI dataset hosted in the same capacity as the Paginated report

2. Using a Power BI report instead of a Paginated report

In this post I will cover the first comparison. 

Check out what changes and what stays the same between using Azure Analysis Services and Power BI-hosted datasets.