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Don’t Store Files in the Database

Josh Darnell provides timeless advice:

As Deborah’s invite post suggests, this is a “that one time at that client” story. I was working at a consulting firm, and we had written an app for a particular client. Part of this application’s workflow involved users uploading images alongside some other information. These were not particularly large images in the grand scheme of things – they were taken by a microscope, and were a few kilobytes each, maybe.

However, this app had been in use for a long time. And as you might have guessed from the title of this post, each of these images was stored in a single table in the database that backed this application

Yeah, that’ll be a problem… Read on for some recommendations on how to avoid the issue. One thing I would add is FileTable, which came out in SQL Server 2012. In that case, the files are actually stored on disk but are queryable via T-SQL. It introduces its own set of problems but I do have some fond feelings about having used FileTable in the past.