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Mapping Income vs Rent in Counties

Rick Pack updates a package to support a project:

I am happy to announce a contribution to the biscale package that makes printing shorter labels using SI prefixes (e.g., 1,000,003 => 1M and 1,324 => 1.3k) far easier. This makes printing the legend in an attractive easier, although you can tell by the picture above that I still struggle with optimal uses of the cowplot package’s draw_plot(). I would love for the legend and map to be centered under the title.

The new si_levels argument for bi_class_breaks() takes a logical value of TRUE or FALSE for either a single or two-unit vector, with a single unit vector causing the specified value to be applied to both the X and Y variables. This matches Prener’s convenient functionality for the number of digits function dig_lab, as he requested in the Github Issue I created for this addition. Note that si_levels rounds the input number, if appropriate, based on the digits indicated by dig_lab, which defaults to 3.

Click through to get access to the update, as well as to see some of the visuals Rick put together with it.

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