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Sources of Data Structure Truth

Deb Melkin performs database epistomology:

The “source of truth” is my newly made up phrase for whatever you are using to say this is my database schema and initial data needed to start up the application. This can be your script directory; this can be a dacpac or bacpac; this can be your data model; this can be a combination of these things. My go-to “source of truth” right now is my source control repository. I’ve got both the schema and the default data needed in the same location. In the past, I would have probably included the data model as way to help me make sure whatever database table changes I have in my source control are there, especially for that one database which only had tables and views. (A different rant for a different time.) Whatever you use, it absolutely CANNOT be an actual database. There are two main reasons for this:

Read on for those reasons.