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Finding Sample Data Online

Mara Pereira goes searching for data:

Have you ever struggled to find sample data to play with in Power BI?

Did you spend hours (sounds crazy, but it happened to me too!) just looking for a dataset with insurance data? Healthcare data? Housing prices data?

Did you ever wonder “where are people finding the data to create those Netflix and Amazon reports that seem to be everywhere these days? Seriously, tell me your secret!”?

Click through for three good sites. Another one I’ve taken to is the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is the federal department responsible for tracking things like employment data, consumer prices, and compensation data. The plus side to these datasets is that you get the whole range of data cleanup, warehousing, querying, and analytics over data which is both real and fairly interesting. For a broader take, has open source data hosted by the US federal government, though I haven’t spent much time working with it.