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Creating a Trust between On-Prem AD and AWS Directory Service

Tom Collins makes a connection:

Most SQL Servers use a large portion of the authentication as Windows Authentication – utilising Kerberos and NTLM protocols via Active Directory. So when it comes to considering moving on-prem SQL Server resources to Cloud Providers – Active Directory is a foundational question.    There are other methods than Microsoft Directory – which I’ll discuss in future posts.

Utilising AWS RDS SQL Server with Windows Authentication methods is only possible using the AWS Directory Service.  i.e The AWS RDS SQL Server is created and added as a resource to the AWS Directory Service . If on-prem users require access to the AWS RDS SQL Server via Kerberos , a forest trust is required between the AWS Directory Service and the on-prem AD. 

For this post – the focus is on an existing on-premises SQL Server inventory using Microsoft Active Directory Services.

Read on to see what you’d need to do to implement this.