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Materializing Views on Materialized Views

Drew Furgiuele is asking for it:

Consider this: you’ve developed a data ingestion strategy that is taking in remote thermostat readings. Usually, the devices report in on a set frequency and you’re able to calculate aggregate readings an hourly interval. A materialized view could be created that does this calculation and stores the results out for querying. But what if something causes some of this data to become duplicated? You’d first have to eliminate these duplicates, re-ingest the data, and then do your calculations again.

This is where we can leverage creating a materialized view over a materialized view. Our first materialized view will handle the deduplication, and our second can handle the aggregation of the deduplicated data.

Yo dawg, I heard you like materialized views, so I put some materialized views in your materialized views so you can materialize views while you materialize views.