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Filtering with DAX for Paginated Reports

Adam Aspin takes us through an important topic for paginated report developers:

In the previous article of this short series, you learned the fundamentals of creating datasets using DAX to populate paginated reports delivered using the Power BI Premium service. The next step is to appreciate the practicalities – and subtleties – of how data can be filtered using DAX for paginated report output.

As most, if not all, report developers come from an SQL background, it may seem overkill to devote an entire article to filtering data. However, DAX is very unlike SQL as far as filtering output data is concerned. Something as simple as classic OR logic needs to be handled differently from the techniques you may be used to – either as a SQL or as a Power BI developer. To ensure that you can deliver the report data that you need to populate paginated reports, take a detailed look at how to filter data in DAX datasets using the core SUMMARIZECOLUMNS() function.

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