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A Data Governance by any other Name

Matthew Roche wants a re-naming:

To successfully implement managed self-service business intelligence at any non-trivial scale, you need data governance. To build and nurture a successful data culture, data governance is an essential part of the success.

Despite this fact, and despite the obvious value that data governance can provide, data governance has a bad reputation. Many people – likely including the leaders you need to be your ally if you’re working to build a data culture in your organization – have had negative experiences with data governance in the past, and now react negatively when the topic of data governance is raised.

They now treat data governance as a four-letter word.

Read the whole thing, though I do disagree with Matthew. Changing the name does not change the underlying problems; all it does is make the new name just as hated as the old one because the problems are still there. Call it Data Enablement if you’d like, but if the process is the same and the tools are the same, the outcome is the same, regardless of the name.