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What Good Data Governance Means

Paul Andrew shares some thoughts on the true meaning of data governance:

… Someone asked me what I thought ‘good’ Data Governance might look like for a given data platform – warehouse or analytics solution. This included all aspects of data governance is was a very broad question.

To add some actual context, not related to Star Wars, this was during the time when Microsoft started talking about version 2 of the Azure Data Catalogue offering and what else could/should be included in a suite of governance tools. Certainly, long before the days of what we now call Azure Purview. It was also a time when GDPR had a lot of focus for the data community as we battled with the principals and technical implications.

Anyway, with a recent fresh perspective on things, I’ve decided to dust off my original notes and attempt to distill the answer of good data governanace into the following areas. What I also find with data governanace that the more I experience in the industry the deeper my perspective on the subject goes.

Paul has put together a lengthy answer on the topic, well worth the read.