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FAST_FORWARD and Cursors

Joe Obbish skips past the commercials:

If you’re like me, you started your database journey by defining cursors with the default options. This went on until a senior developer or DBA kindly pointed out that you can get better performance by using the FAST_FORWARD option. Or maybe you were a real go-getter and found Aaron Bertrand’s performance benchmarking blog post on different cursor options. I admit that for many years I didn’t care to know why FAST_FORWARD sometimes made my queries faster. It had “FAST” in the name and that was good enough for me.

Recently I saw a production issue where using the right cursor options led to a 1000X performance improvement. I decided that ten years of ignorance was enough and finally did some research on different cursor options. This post contains a reproduction and discussion of the production issue.

I thought everybody knew how this works: the database streams the data tape from the supply pully to the play shaft by using a sprocket to rotate the gear in the cassette at a fixed speed. The FAST_FORWARD cursor option engages the fast forward idler in the VCR database and causes rotation to occur more rapidly than normal.