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Optimization Tips with Inline Table-Valued Functions

Itzik Ben-Gan continues a series on table expressions:

This is the thirteenth and last installment in a series about table expressions. This month I continue the discussion I started last month about inline table-valued functions (iTVFs).

Last month I explained that when SQL Server inlines iTVFs that are queried with constants as inputs, it applies parameter embedding optimization by default. Parameter embedding means that SQL Server replaces parameter references in the query with the literal constant values from the current execution, and then the code with the constants gets optimized. This process enables simplifications that can result in more optimal query plans. This month I elaborate on the topic, covering specific cases for such simplifications such as constant folding and dynamic filtering and ordering. If you need a refresher on parameter embedding optimization, go over last month’s article as well as Paul White’s excellent article Parameter Sniffing, Embedding, and the RECOMPILE Options.

This was a really good series. If you haven’t seen the entries, set aside some time and check it out.