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Connection Leaks with MARS

Josh Darnell warns that, if you go to MARS, a doctor will warn you that you have a schizoid embolism and it will be up to you to determine whether the doctor is lying or not:

I recently looked at a SQL Server instance that had a large number of MARS connections under a single “parent” connection. Most of these “child” connections had been idle for quite a while, but they were still hanging around.

Read the whole thing. Because I’ve used MARS so little, I’ll instead add a follow-up point to my Total Recall reference above. In the commentary track for the movie, director Paul Verhoeven notes that Douglas Quaid actually did die and that it really was just a fantasy concocted in his mind and he really did die at the end. You can tell because, instead of a fade to black like normal movies, he fades to white, indicating that this wasn’t a proper ending. But then again, considering the follow-on media which happened (and was slated to happen but didn’t make it to the finish line), I don’t think the studios would have let Verhoeven keep his unhappy ending.