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Long-Term Storage in Gold

Alex Woodie discusses a new storage solution:

In the hunt for the optimal long-term storage, media comes and media goes. From cave paintings and daguerreotypes to tape and optical disk, humans continue to search for new ways to preserve information for use by subsequent generations. Now an Upstate New York company is touting a new type of archive that leverages an element with the ultimate in longevity: gold.

Totenpass today announced the launch of its novel storage solution that’s made of gold. Data is written directly to the surface of the gold cartridge (which features some nickel) using a laser etching process. The data takes the form of shrunken down human-readable images or documents, or machine-readable data that can be encrypted and read with a smartphone app (which is still in development).

This makes perfect sense to me. If you write it in metal, that means Ruin can’t read or modify it.