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Trying a Read-Only API

Mark Litwintschik reviews ROAPI:

ROAPI is an API Server that exposes CSV, JSON and Parquet files without the need to write any code. The project was started by Qingping Hou around this time last year. Qingping had spent the better part of four years working at LinkedIn prior to joining Scribd as a Senior Engineer. He is also a committer to both the Apache Airflow and Arrow projects.

ROAPI is made up of 4K lines of Rust. This line count is low due to the intense use of 3rd party libraries. These include Apache Arrow for, among other things, Parquet support, Arrow’s DataFusion Project, which provides SQL and query execution support, Actix, which provides the HTTP interface and Rusoto, the AWS SDK for Rust.

Click through to see how to set it up and how to use it.