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Compatibility Mode and Upgrades

Tom Collins explains how database compatibility mode may be a way to reduce the risk of a SQL Server version upgrade:

Microsoft’s recommended SQL Server upgrade  workflow is to upgrade to the latest SQL Server but keep the source DB compatibility level, assess the workload impact via establishing a baseline and based on testing move the compatibility level  to the latest. 

Upon creation of a new user database – the create  database sets the compatibility level at the default compatibility level of the SQL Server. Keep in mind – if the model database level is set lower than the create database will set the compatibility level based on the model db

You can also change the database compatibility level at any time

Read on for more information about compatibility mode and some inbuilt guard rails around upgrades. Those guard rails aren’t perfect by any means, but over the past couple of editions, we’ve seen a fair amount of movement toward this ideal of compatibility mode being a guarantee of behavior between versions.