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Combining Windows and SQL Server Time Zone Info

Andy Mallon splices together time zone information like some kind of time zone Dr. Frankenstein:

There was a recent post on Database Administrators, where there was some confusion over Daylight Saving Time(DST) in Australian timezones. Let’s be honest though–timezones are confusing, especially when DST comes into play. Arizona Time doesn’t observe Daylight Saving Time, so sometimes it’s the same as Mountain Time, and sometimes it’s Pacific Time.

Finding the right time zone can be hard. As of this writing, Windows recognizes 141 different timezones, many of which overlap.

In this case, the asker was running this query, and confused over why it wasn’t properly reflecting DST, and the other columns in the DMZ weren’t helpful either:

This is why everybody should just use Eastern Standard Time: it’s the standard—says so in the name, even.