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Data Lakehouse Point-of-Sale Analytics Demo

Bryan Smith and Rob Saker share a pattern:

Disruptions in the supply chain – from reduced product supply and diminished warehouse capacity – coupled with rapidly shifting consumer expectations for seamless omnichannel experiences are driving retailers to rethink how they use data to manage their operations. Prior to the pandemic, 71% of retailers named lack of real-time visibility into inventory as a top obstacle to achieving their omnichannel goals. The pandemic only increased demand for integrated online and in-store experiences, placing even more pressure on retailers to present accurate product availability and manage order changes on the fly. Better access to real-time information is the key to meeting consumer demands in the new normal.

In this blog, we’ll address the need for real-time data in retail, and how to overcome the challenges of moving real-time streaming of point-of-sale data at scale with a data lakehouse.

It’s a cool scenario, at the least.