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Attributing Redshift Costs to Users

Jason Pedreza, et al, show how you can break down query utilization by user in an Amazon Redshift database:

At its simplest form, cost attribution can be determined using the amount of the storage assigned to the individual objects using the ownership of the objects to the groups. But the downside of this approach is it doesn’t provide a true translation of the resource usage. For example, let’s say Team 1 has total object size of 1 TB, whereas Team 2 has 100 GB in total size. Team 1 member runs 10 queries daily, and Team 2 runs 1,000 queries per day. Of course, Team 2 uses more resources than Team 1.

The Amazon Redshift RA3 architecture allows you to pay for the compute and data warehouse storage capacity separately, therefore storage doesn’t reflect the resources used by the teams for the cost attribution.

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