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SQL Server on Azure Container Instances

Arun Sirpal has a series for us. Part 1 involves spinning up SQL Server on ACI:

This is Microsoft’s serverless technology which allows us to deploy containers without having to worry about managing the underlying hardware. It’s a way to get access to SQL fast (faster than traditional methods like installing a virtual machine) to do things like test code fixes etc.

There a couple of ways of doing this, you can use the portal, PowerShell or Azure CLI, I actually like Azure CLI.

Part 2 gives you an idea of what you get:

In the last post we built an image of SQL server 2019 Linux hosted in Azure Container Instance for fast access to SQL server. So, your next question is probably, lets see some database action?

When you connect to SSMS its not different, the feel and look, is, SQL server. Lets have a tour.

The normal warning with Azure Container Instances is that they’re great for development and testing efforts (in part because of how inexpensive it is compared to alternatives on Azure) but won’t have the same uptime or high availability guarantees that a service like Azure Kubernetes Service will have.