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Day: July 12, 2021

Time Series Estimation with Facebook’s Prophet

Dan Lantos looks at the Prophet library:

This article (part of a short series) aims to introduce the Prophet library, discuss it at a high level and run through a basic example of forecasting the FTSE 100 index. Future articles will discuss exactly how Prophet achieves its results, how to interpret the output and how to improve the model.
Please see this article (by my talented colleague Gavita) for an introduction to time-series forecasting algorithms.

Click through for part one in an ongoing series.

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Age Calculations in Power BI

Meagan Longoria wants to calculate age:

In week 26 of Workout Wednesday for Power BI, I asked people to calculate the age of Nobel laureates at the time they received the award. I provided some logic, but I didn’t prescribe how to create the age calculation. This inspired a couple of questions and a round of data validation as calculating age may be trickier than you think. In this post, I’ll explore some of the ways people have calculated age in Power BI and the edge cases where those calculations may not work.

In my solution video for Workout Wednesday, I used Power Query to calculate age. This was inspired by several blog posts and videos I had seen previously.

This turns out to be a much trickier problem than it first appears.

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The First Partition in a Power BI Dataset Refresh

Chris Webb wants to figure out why the first partition is so special:

It’s a visualisation from a report created by my colleague Phil Seamark (as detailed in this blog post) showing how long all the partitions in a dataset take to refresh. If you look at these visualisations you’ll probably ask the same question I did: why does the first partition always start before the others?

Click through for the answer.

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Attaching a Database sans Transaction Log File

Chad Callihan lost a transaction log file in a boating accident:

What if you’re moving a database to a new server by detaching and re-attaching database files and someone (not you of course) loses the log file? What if an old database needs to be brought online but the person coming to you only has an mdf file? Can you still attach the database in these scenarios? Let’s find out.

Read on for the answers.

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A Measure of Utilization by SQL Server Version

Steve Stedman some numbers:

Here listed is the current percentages of SQL server versions running our Daily Check-up with Database Health Monitor.

Do note that the population for this is “People who use Steve Steadman’s SQL Daily Checkup product” and not organizations which use SQL Server as a whole, so it’s not wise to apply findings from the first directly onto the second. That said, it doesn’t surprise me that 2016 is the most in-use version of SQL Server in this sample. It’s a little surprising how many 2014 instances there are, but that might be related to cardinality estimator changes.

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