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Paul Randal looks at a particular latch:

Most latch class names are tied directly to the data structure that they protect. The FGCB_ADD_REMOVE latch protects a data structure called an FGCB, or File Group Control Block, and there will be one of these latches for each online filegroup of each online database in a SQL Server instance. Whenever a file in a filegroup is added, dropped, grown, or shrunk, the latch must be acquired in EX mode, and when figuring out the next file to allocate from, the latch must be acquired in SH mode to prevent any filegroup changes. (Remember that extent allocations for a filegroup are performed on a round-robin basis through the files in the filegroup, and also take into account proportional fill, which I explain here.)

Read on to understand what can cause this particular latch to become a bottleneck in your system.