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Day: June 8, 2021

Ranger and Jersey Clients

Jon Morisi troubleshoots an irksome issue:

Just a quick blog here about an issue I had with HDP-  I recently was setting up a new user with specific rights in Ranger for Hive access.  After creating the new policy and attempting to validate it, I received an error message stating that the hive user does not have use privilege.  This error was produced even though I had just created the policy specifically granting those privilege’s.

Upon further review I noticed that the plugin was downloading the policy, but not applying it.  

Read on to learn what the problem was and how Jon corrected it.

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Announcements from Data+AI Summit

Ryan Boyd summarizes Databricks announcements:

The Delta Lake open source project is a key enabler of the lakehouse, as it fixes many of the limitations of data lakes: data quality, performance and governance. The project has come a long way since its initial release, and the Delta Lake 1.0 release was just certified by the community. The release represents a variety of new features, including generated columns and cloud independence with multi-cluster writes and my favorite — Delta Lake standalone, which reads from Delta tables but doesn’t require Apache SparkTM.

We also announced a bunch of new committers to the Delta Lake project, including QP Hou, R.Tyler Croy, Christian Williams, Mykhailo Osypov and Florian Valeye.

Learn more about Delta Lake 1.0 in the keynotes from co-creator and Distinguished Engineer Michael Armbrust.

Read on for a variety of announcements in this vein.

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Querying AWS Athena via Powershell

Michael Bourgon needs to get some data out of S3:

I was running into issues with the Linked Server lopping off long JSON that I’m having to pull out from the raw files.  I can’t explain it – doesn’t appear to be SSMS.  See previous post

But I needed to automate this, rather than use SQL Workbench, save to “Excel” (it was XML), then opening it again and saving it so that instead of 250mb, it’s 30mb.  Runs against the previous month, one day at a time (walking the partitions), and then saves to a file.  You got your Athena, your ODBC, your Export-Excel…

Incidentally, that previous post was around trying to use a linked server to pull the data in via SQL Server.

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Understanding SUMMARIZE in DAX

Alberto Ferrari dives into a DAX operator:

If you like to follow best practices, you can just read this paragraph out of the entire article. If you are using SUMMARIZE to calculate new columns, stop. Seriously, stop doing it. Right now. Open your existing DAX code, search for SUMMARIZE and if you find that you are using SUMMARIZE to compute new columns, add them instead by using ADDCOLUMNS.

At SQLBI we are so strong on this position that we deliberately omitted a part of the detailed description of the behavior of SUMMARIZE in our book. We understand how SUMMARIZE works but we do not want your code to return inaccurate results, just because you use a function without understanding when its result might be different from the result you expected.

Read on as Alberto explains why, as well as the details of SUMMARIZE and how easily you can find yourself in a mess with it.

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Database Snapshot Creator in Azure Data Studio

Haroon Ashraf takes a look at an extension in Azure Data Studio:

This article talks about the steps required to add and use the DB Snapshot Creator extension in Azure Data Studio.

Additionally, the readers are going to get a conceptual understanding of database snapshots and their use in professional life scenarios. This article highlights the importance of preserving database structure for future reference.

Let us get familiar with the extension prior to its use.

Click through to learn more. The one thing I’d like to see clarified (if it’s not already and I just missed it) is that you really don’t want more than one database snapshot on a given database at any time. Having two or more database snapshots active on a database can cause fairly significant performance issues on non-trivial databases and I’d prefer to see the tool include that knowledge rather than remembering an eight-year-old article from Jonathan Kehayias. But hey, I guess that’s what I’m here for…

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A Review of Tabular Editor 3

Matt Allington reviews a paid product:

Tabular Editor is a Power BI Tabular Modelling productivity tool developed by Daniel Otykier. I blogged about Version 2 of the Tabular Editor in this article here. The 3rd edition of Tabular Editor has just been released, and it is a major upgrade from version 2. TE 3 is not free, but in my view, the productivity benefits make it a must have piece of software for anyone that is regularly writing DAX in Power BI Desktop.

Read on for the review.

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CHECKDB: Repairing with Data Loss

Chad Callihan explains what that CHECKDB option which should sound really scary means:

Just because REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS might get your database up and running quickly doesn’t make it a good option. It could wrongly be considered a shortcut or an easy button to get handle corruption. Some may run REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS, see their database back online, and call it a day. Let’s look at why some things are too good to be true.

Read the whole thing.

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