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Announcements from Data+AI Summit

Ryan Boyd summarizes Databricks announcements:

The Delta Lake open source project is a key enabler of the lakehouse, as it fixes many of the limitations of data lakes: data quality, performance and governance. The project has come a long way since its initial release, and the Delta Lake 1.0 release was just certified by the community. The release represents a variety of new features, including generated columns and cloud independence with multi-cluster writes and my favorite — Delta Lake standalone, which reads from Delta tables but doesn’t require Apache SparkTM.

We also announced a bunch of new committers to the Delta Lake project, including QP Hou, R.Tyler Croy, Christian Williams, Mykhailo Osypov and Florian Valeye.

Learn more about Delta Lake 1.0 in the keynotes from co-creator and Distinguished Engineer Michael Armbrust.

Read on for a variety of announcements in this vein.