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Using Spark in CDP’s Operational Database Experience

Gokul Kamaraj, et al, take us through using Apache Spark in Cloudera Data Platform’s Operational Database Experience:

Apache Spark is a very popular analytics engine used for large-scale data processing. It is widely used for many big data applications and use cases. CDP Operational Database Experience Experience (COD) is a CDP Public Cloud service that lets you create and manage operational database instances and it is powered by Apache HBase and Apache Phoenix. 

To know more about Apache Spark in CDP and CDP Operational Database Experience, see Apache Spark Overview and CDP Operational Database Experience Overview.

Apache Spark enables you to connect directly to databases that support JDBC. When integrating Apache Spark with Apache Phoenix in COD, you can leverage capabilities provided by Apache Phoenix to save and query data across multiple worker nodes, and use SELECT columns and pushdown predicates for filtering. 

In this blog post, let us look at how you can read and write data to COD from Apache Spark. We are going to use an Operational Database COD instance and Apache Spark present in the Cloudera Data Engineering experience

Read on for the process.