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Changing Power BI Evaluation Container Numbers

Chris Webb shows how we can optimize the number of evaluation containers in Power BI:

Last week I showed how the new MaxEvaluationWorkingSetInMB registry setting could increase the performance of memory-hungry Power Query queries in Power BI Desktop. In this post I’ll show how the other new registry setting, ForegroundEvaluationContainerCount, can also help performance. Before I carry on I recommend you read the documentation on these new registry settings if you haven’t done so already.

To illustrate the effect of this setting I created ten identical Power Query queries feeding an Import mode dataset in a new .pbix file, each of which read data from the same 150MB CSV file, apply the a filter and then count the number of rows returned. 

I don’t think I like having to modify a registry setting each time; that’s leading me to believe I should rarely (or never) mess with this.