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Converting from XML in Powershell

Phil Factor has unleashed the full power of XML:

I want to convert reasonably small XML files to hash tables and PowerShell objects. PowerShell never had a ConvertFrom-XML Cmdlet because gulping a large XML file into a PowerShell data object is expensive in resources. It is the sheer time it takes to consume a large XML file. Instead, you have to use the XMLDocument object to navigate to the data you want or use an Xpath query. It is all well and good to handle XML in this way, but it is inconsistent to have no ConvertFrom-XML cmdlet. After all, there is a ConvertFrom cmdlet for CSV, JSON, and a variety of text-based data. It would be good to have one for XML as well. Usually, I just want to consume relatively small XML files and just pick out the data I want. I hoped that one that worked would turn up but somehow it never did. So I wrote my own.

Click through for that script, as well as some considerations about using it.