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Error Handling Patterns in Kafka

Gerardo Villeda gives a few options for handling errors in an Apache Kafka topic:

Apache KafkaĀ®Ā applications run in a distributed manner across multiple containers or machines. And in the world of distributed systems, what can go wrong often goes wrong. This blog post covers different ways to handle errors and retries in your event streaming applications. The nature of your process determines the patterns, and more importantly, your business requirements.

This blog provides a quick guide on some of those patterns and expands on a common and specific use case where events need to be retried following their original order. This blog post illustrates a scenario of an application that consumes events from one topic, transforms those events, and produces an output to a target topic, covering different approaches as they gradually increase in complexity.

Click through for the list. Each explanation is pretty short, but opens the door for further analysis.