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Taskbar Management with Powershell

Jeffrey Hicks shows how you can use Powershell to manage Windows 10 taskbar settings:

When I’m working on a Pluralsight course, I tend to setup a virtual machine for recording. Although, lately I’ve been trying with Windows 10 Sandbox. This is handy when all I need is a Windows 10 desktop. When I setup the system, I have particular settings I need to configure. Naturally I use a PowerShell script to automate the process. One item that I wanted to address was Windows 10 taskbar. When I’m recording a course, I like to have it auto-hide. Sure, I could manually set it. But that’s no fun.

After a little online research I came across this page. In addition to the manual steps, the author also provided a snippet of PowerShell code! I assumed there would be registry setting I could configure and was hoping to find that. But this was even better. The author’s code was written to be used from a CMD prompt to invoke a few PowerShell commands. But since I’m already using PowerShell for my desktop configuration, I took his code and created re-usable PowerShell functions.

Read on for a lengthy but helpful script.