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To Cloud or Not to Cloud

That is the question, according to Guy Glantser:

This is not a regular blog post. I was looking for an old blog post that I wrote several years ago, and while searching, I found an even older blog post that I wrote back in 2009. It had the same title that you see here – To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

In 2009 the cloud was already a thing, but it was the early days. Microsoft’s cloud, Azure, wasn’t even announced yet until February 2010. The cloud has seen a tremendous advancement over the years. It’s interesting and also amusing to read what I wrote 12 years ago about the cloud. Some things are still true today, while others are completely irrelevant.

So here it is…

It’s good to reflect back on these thoughts to see how the industry has shifted. Issues which were show-stoppers may be completely eradicated by this point, while others remain trade-offs without an ideal answer.