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Ditch the Powershell ISE

Jeffrey Hicks has a bit of advice:

Gladys’ big challenge, probably like many of you, is trying to break the habit of launching the PowerShell ISE. It doesn’t matter if you are running the ise alias at a PowerShell prompt or using a Start Menu shortcut. My idea is that if you can’t stop yourself from doing this, then why not have the ISE turn around and launch VS Code? I gave Gladys a few lines of code to put in her PowerShell ISE profile script that launched VS Code and then killed the ISE. I’ve since, refined that code and I thought I’d share it with everyone else.

There are a few assumptions in the process. First, is that when you installed VS Code, you included the option to include the application in your %PATH%. You can test this. At a PowerShell prompt run code. If VS Code launches, you are ready to continue.

Click through to see how.