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Using a Date Template in Power BI

Haroon Ashraf recommends using a template with date dimension details:

A Power BI Template

A Power BI template is a structure or model that typically contains commonly used tables, relationships, and hierarchies belonging to an organization or an individual. This model is reused in any Power BI report. More information is provided in the previous article:

Centralized Data Modelling using Power BI Templates

What is a Date Template in Power BI?

A Date template is a precise structure of the Date table that is a background for building reports in the organization. In other words, it is like a built-in Date table that any reports developer or a skilled business user can apply to build Power BI reports.

Read on for more Q&A as well as how to create a simple version of a date table for this template. The idea of using a template makes even more sense as you have more complicated date table requirements, such as adding in fiscal year details, holiday information (especially holidays which don’t always fall on the same solar calendar day, such as Passover or Easter), and dates important to the company.