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A Modern C++ Kafka API

Kenneth Jia and Benedek Thaler announce an open source library:

Morgan Stanley uses Apache Kafka® to publish market data to internal clients and to persist it for replay purposes. We started out using librdkafka’s C++ API, which maintains C++98 compatibility. C++ is evolving quickly, and we wanted to break away from this compatibility requirement so we could take advantage of new C++ features. This led us to create a new C++ API for Kafka that uses modern C++ features (i.e. C++14 and later). We’ve open sourced this client and hope you enjoy it.

Click through to learn more. What interests me about this is that most of the other languages’ support for Kafka (for example, .NET) is based off of librdkafka. I don’t know if there’s any benefit to moving to this new library.