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Day: April 9, 2021

Setting Default Parameters in Powershell

Jeffrey Hicks doesn’t have time for parameters:

A quick post today to remind you of a way to make PowerShell even easier to use. PowerShell cmdlets and functions obviously help us get a lot done, and most commands offer a number of parameters to customize what needs to be done. Unless you love typing, you probably would like an even easier way to use PowerShell. Let me show you.

Read on to see how. My one concern here would be if you forget about the parameters, you may end up with unexpected results compared to people without your default parameters. This seems to me a case for using these defaults somewhat sparingly.

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Trickiness Around CASE Expressions

Edwin Sanchez takes us through a few issues you might run into with CASE expressions:

If you are trying to scan the subheadings to see what the issues are, I can’t blame you. Readers, including me, are impatient.

I trust that you already know the basics of SQL CASE, so, I won’t bore you with long introductions. Let’s dig into a deeper understanding of what’s happening under the hood.

Click through for the list.

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Windows Server Failover Clustering Error Code 5054

Josh Darnell walks us through an error when setting up an Availability Group:

For setting up the environment, I was following this really in-depth guide from former Data Platform MVP and current Microsoft employee Ryan J. Adams: Build a SQL Cluster Lab Part 1

The guide is generally fantastic, and provides a lot of good insight into the non-SQL Server related aspects of setting up an Availability Group. I’d highly recommend checking it out if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Relevant to this post, he has provided a diagram of how the different networks are configured:

If you’re very experienced with networking, you may already have some idea of what the problem is going to be. Don’t spoil it for everyone else okay?

I’ll admit I did not have an idea of what the problem was.

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HammerDB CLI for Oracle Running on Azure

Kellyn Pot’vin-Gorman goes through a rough experience:

Disclaimer: I’m not a big fan of benchmark data.  I find it doesn’t provide us as much value in the real world as we’d like to think it does.  As Cary Milsap says, “You can’t hardware your way out of a software problem” and I find that many folks think that if they just get the fastest hardware, their software problems will go away and this just isn’t true.  Sooner or later, it’s going to catch up with you-  and it rarely tells you what your real database workload needs to run most efficiently or what might be running in your database that could easily be optimized to save the business time and money.

The second issue is that when comparing different workloads or even worse, different platforms or applications, using the same configuration can be detrimental to the benchmarks collected, which is what we’ll discover in this post.

That said, Kellyn dives into the problem and documents several of the issues in building out this test.

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The Pain of OR Clauses

Erik Darling wants you to embrace the healing power of AND:

This is one of my least favorite query patterns, because even with appropriate indexes, performance often isn’t very good without additional interventions.

Without indexes in place, or when “indexes aren’t used”, then the query plans will often look like one of these.

Maybe not always, but there are pretty common.

It’s something that I do wish the optimizer could be smarter about. One important thing to note in Erik’s demo: the OR clause is on two different columns, so SELECT x.Col1 FROM dbo.TblX x WHERE x.ID = 8 OR x.ID = 7 works fine, but WHERE x.ID = 8 OR x.SomethingElse = 14 is liable to cause performance issues on a large enough table.

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Restoring a TDE Database to a Different Server

Chad Callihan reminds us of the other half of backups:

You setup TDE for your database. Great! Now you need to restore that database to a different server. Maybe you’re migrating off of an older server or maybe there is testing to be completed for an upcoming release. If we try to backup/restore or attach the database on a different server we’ll get some variation of an error stating “cannot find server certificate with thumbprint…” and the process will fail. There are a few steps to get the TDE database restored and we’re going to walk through them today.

Read on for those instructions.

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