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Kafka Sans ZooKeeper

Ben Stopford and Ismael Juma give us a preview:

So we’re very pleased to say that the early access of the KIP-500 code has been committed to trunk and is expected to be included in the upcoming 2.8 release. For the first time, you can run Kafka without ZooKeeper. We call this the Kafka Raft Metadata mode, typically shortened to KRaft (pronounced like craft) mode.

Beware, there are some features that are not available in this early-access release. We do not yet support the use of ACLs and other security features or transactions. Also, both partition reassignment and JBOD are unsupported in KRaft mode (these are anticipated to be available in an Apache Kafka release later in the year). Hence, consider the quorum controller experimental software—we don’t advise subjecting it to production workloads. If you do try out the software, however, you’ll find a host of new advantages: It’s simpler to deploy and operate, you can run Kafka in its entirety as a single process, and it can accommodate significantly more partitions per cluster (see measurements below).

Read on for more information. This is a big deal for Kafka.