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Using Azure Functions to Tag Resources

Jess Pomfret shows off an interesting way of using Azure Functions to apply tags to resources:

In part one I discussed how useful Azure tags can be, and specifically about how adding a ‘dateCreated’ tag can help you keep track of your resources, and how to find resources with certain tags using PowerShell.  Part 2 and 3 are based around the fact that adding the ‘dateCreated’ tag is a great idea, but relying on a human to remember to add it is less than ideal. In part 2 we looked at using Azure Policy to automatically add the tag. Today’s post will cover another option using Azure Functions.

Azure Functions gives us a way of running serverless code, written in a number of different languages, triggered by specific events or timings.  Looking through the documentation there are many use cases from processing files to analysing IoT workstreams.  Our use case is to run a PowerShell script that tags any resources that are missing the ‘dateCreated’.

Click through to see how.