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Tagging Azure Resources by Policy

Jess Pomfret makes tagging resources in Azure better:

Last week, in Part 1, we talked about how to easily keep track of our resources with tags. There are many strategies for tagging your resources but I specifically focused on adding a ‘dateCreated’ tag so we could see when resources were created – since this isn’t available by default.  During that post we identified the biggest issue we had was that we were relying on a human to remember to add the ‘dateCreated’ tag for every resource they created. I’ve got two ideas on how to fix that – today we’ll look at the first option, using Azure Policy.

Azure Policy is a way of comparing your Azure estate to defined requirements. You can either use predefined definitions (of which there are many) or create your own specific rules.  These definitions can be assigned to certain scopes (subscriptions, resource groups). Azure Policy then reports on whether you’re in the expected state and in some cases can alter resources to ensure you are.

Click through to see how to define a policy and then how to apply it to relevant resources.