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Actions with Edge and Node Tables in SQL Server

Louis Davidson is a man of action:

One of the interesting things about working with many-to-many relationships in SQL Server with graph tables instead of a relational table is that unlike a relational many-to-many table, by default an edge may can implement relationships from lots of different tables (nodes). You can also limit what nodes can be related using which edges.

For example, say you have 4 nodes and 2 edges, both of the edges, by default, each edge would allow relationships from each node to itself, or each node to each other node. It can all get a bit complicated to figure out if you have a lot of objects (and to be fair, you probably also want to be able to check to make sure your objects are configured as you expect.

In this blog, I will demonstrate how to determine, given a given edge or node, what operations are possible. 

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