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Kafka Replication with MIrrorMaker

Paul Brebner starts a new series:

In this new two part blog series we’ll turn our gaze to the newest version of MirrorMaker 2 (MM2), the Apache Kafka cross-cluster mirroring, or replication, technology. MirrorMaker 2 is built on top of the Kafka Connect framework for increased reliability and scalability, and is suitable for more demanding geo-replication use cases including migration, backup, disaster recovery and fail-over.  In part one we’ll focus on MirrorMaker 2 theory (Kafka replication, architecture, components and terminology) and invent some MirrorMaker 2 rules. Part two will be more practical, and we’ll try out Instaclustr’s managed MirrorMaker 2 service and test the rules out with some experiments. 

Go check out part 1.