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Ignite 2021 Data and AI Announcements

James Serra has a roundup of the Data & AI announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2021:

Azure Arc enabled machine learning (preview): Build models on-premises, in multi-cloud, and at the edge with Azure Arc. It does this by deploying Azure Machine Learning to a Kubernetes cluster that resides on-prem or in another cloud. More info

Azure Migrate new features: Discover and assess your SQL servers and their databases for migration to Azure from within the Azure Migrate portal, get target SKU recommendations, and estimate monthly costs. More info

Azure SQL enhancementsMaintenance window – Azure SQL Database and Azure Managed Instance fixed maintenance windows (preview) – More infoAdvance notifications – Enable you to prepare for planned maintenance events on your Azure SQL Database resources and minimize the impact of database failover on your sensitive workloads – More info

Click through for details on each of the announcements.