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Batch Mode on Row Store in SQL Server 2019

Deepthi Goguri looks at a nice performance improvement in SQL Server 2019:

In the previous post, we learned about Table variable deferred compilation. In this blog, lets focus on the batch mode on rowstore feature introduced in SQL Server 2019. This feature improves the performance of the analytical queries using the batch mode query processing. This feature is for CPU optimization helping analytical queries to run faster. We do not have to specify this option if the database compatibility is 150.

This feature is especially for the analytical queries for CPU bound analytic workloads without needing the columnstore indexes. We can specifically mention the hints in the query for using the batch mode or not.

There are specific rules which must be met before it kicks in, but the performance benefit can be significant. If you’re running SQL Server 2017, you needed a columnstore index on a table to get batch mode, though there is a trick around this: you can create a filtered, nonclustered columnstore index WHERE 1=0 so that it doesn’t have any rows. Then, any queries which hit that table are potentially eligible for batch mode processing, even though none of them use the columnstore index.