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Azure Synapse Pathway

John Macintyre announces a new product:

Azure Synapse Pathway connects to the source system and inspects details about your database objects. An assessment report captures further details on the database objects that can be translated into Azure Synapse Analytics. With Azure Synapse Pathway the source database objects are automatically converted and optimized to T-SQL code on Azure Synapse Analytics. This means your existing code, whether a thousand or million lines of code, will be converted by Azure Synapse Pathway.

As a result of these capabilities, the traditional process of manual code conversion can now be automated in a fraction of the time; all while cutting out manual errors and reducing the total cost of the migration.

They’re starting with a few data sources (including Snowflake), but it’s an interesting product. I could see it useful for getting 80-85% of the migration done, though I don’t trust auto-generated code to be optimal.