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Build Your Own Number Generator

Itzik Ben-Gan has part one of solutions to a challenge:

Last month I posted a challenge to create an efficient number series generator. The responses were overwhelming. There were many brilliant ideas and suggestions, with lots of applications well beyond this particular challenge. It made me realize how great it is to be part of a community, and that amazing things can be achieved when a group of smart people joins forces. Thanks Alan Burstein, Joe Obbish, Adam Machanic, Christopher Ford, Jeff Moden, Charlie, NoamGr, Kamil Kosno, Dave Mason and John Number2 for sharing your ideas and comments.

Initially I thought of writing just one article to summarize the ideas people submitted, but there were too many. So I’ll split the coverage to several articles. This month I’ll focus primarily on Charlie’s and Alan Burstein’s suggested improvements to the two original solutions that I posted last month in the form of the inline TVFs called dbo.GetNumsItzikBatch and dbo.GetNumsItzik. I’ll name the improved versions dbo.GetNumsAlanCharlieItzikBatch and dbo.GetNumsAlanCharlieItzik, respectively.

One of the best parts about this happening in public is that there is a real benefit to having multiple people look over a problem, and then waves of people refining those solutions over time.