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Measuring Powershell Profile Load Times

Jeffrey Hicks shows us how to keep track of lost time:

Here’s the “issue” that often arises. Someone will mention that PowerShell, and this includes PowerShell Core, takes too long to load. In fact, PowerShell now shows you how long it took to load. Almost always, the issue is something profile related. Sometimes a command is taking too long to run, or maybe the profile needs a little cleanup. I know my PS7 load times were high until I cleaned up a few items and re-structured some of the commands.

To make this easier, I put together a simple script that you can run in Windows PowerShell, or PowerShell (even cross-platform) that will run your profile scripts and report how long they take to complete.

Click through for more details, as well as a script to test how quickly your Powershell profiles load.